Quality Assurance


Our team & partners have the knowledge & expertise to ensure that your requirements are met.

1. Friendly team working with you & the target audience

2. Years of experience

3. Efficient & reliable

4. Specialised knowledge in their areas


Our team is made up individuals who specialise in fields that complement the area of youth work. Together they have over 20 years worth of experience in

1. Delivering youth programmes (Short & Long term)

2. Funding applications & Project Proposals

3. Youth training courses (Accredited & non-accredited)

4. Measuring Outcomes



Ofcourse Training ensures that our courses & programmes are delivered according to our founding principles & ethos. We ensure that standard procedures are carried out & maintained throughout our delivery.



Ofcourse ensures that the content and delivery of our courses and programs are:
1. Bespoke and Customer focused
2. Flexible and Diverse
3. Outcome focused
4. Needs specific
5. Differentiated for learners of varied abilities
6. Interactive with sequential practical activities