Why Choose Us

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    Customer focused consultative approach 
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    Innovative and creative
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    Interactive and differentiated 
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    Quality training with competitive pricing 
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    A local trainer to you 
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    Work ethically in partnership with our clients 
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    Broad range of related services 

Why We Started

trainingOfcourse Training Ltd has firmly established itself as one of the principal multi-discipline training organisations in London providing open and bespoke training courses and programs tailored to each clients requirements aimed at predominantly young people. 

 With the Youth work setting being formalised over the years, the need for learning, recorded and accredited outcomes are part and parcel of the youth work setting, yet it was noticeable that the quality of content, delivery and appeal from organisations delivering courses was extremely poor with an evident objective being to simply tick boxes rather than caring about young people achieving. As a result of this came the birth of Ofcourse Training Ltd with our slogan coming from the Governments ECM agenda 'Enjoy and Achieve Ofcourse' to represent what it is that makes us different. Ofcourse Training Ltd does not view the delivery of courses to young people as just a job, we view it as an opportunity to 'Enjoy and Achieve'.

 With all our instructors having a cross section of knowledge and experience working with young people from Sports/Leisure Industry, Youth Work sector and teaching industry, we pride ourselves on providing programs and courses that are appealing, entertaining and practical in order to engage young people fully within our courses baring in mind that there should be a distinction between the school/college environment and the youth work environment .

We are committed to removing the stress of organising youth work programs, events and specialise in a variety of bespoke courses which can be nationally accredited.


“... A hassle free project was run from start to finish by Ofcourse Training which provided a comprehensive, complete and cutting edge service and training programme for the young people...”
     Project Manager Adelina Youth Project

“... The workshops that Ofcourse Training delivered were inspiring, interactive and catered for the needs of children and young people...”
     Senior Youth Worker Little Ilford Project

“... The Tutors interacted with the young people at the workshops with great ease and enabled them to get involved which was one step beyond and added a personal touch...”
     Project Coordinator E2 Youth Action